Friday, February 13, 2009

NYFW: Acne Fall/Winter 2009

Swedish fashion designer, Jonny Johansson of Acne, who's known for having infiltrated the international denim, T-shirt, and well-priced separates market presented an exquisite collection this week. By far my favorite collection this fall. What Jonny presented was without a doubt, a very far cry from jeanswear denim. His inspiration came from the kind of girls who populate the Berlin art scene and an image of an old man with his hands covered in rings he had seen in the Café de Flore in Paris. The collection consisted of very well-cut tailored overcoats, seventies high-waisted pantsuits, plastic jeans, chunky gold and diamond jewelry which were a collaboration with the German artist-goldsmith, Michael Zobel. The footwear was simply heavenly. This collection was very edgy, with some hints of futurism and architecture.
Other accessories were huge cuffs, very elaborate rings big enough to take up two fingers, and pins that drew quite a lot of attention, which were shaped as saucers and boxes, encrusted with rough diamonds, Tahitian pearls, emeralds, seashells, or rough-hewn slabs of semiprecious stones.
Using such precious jewels might seem a bit reckless in these times of recession and an economic crisis, but according to Johansson, he's only only following the instincts that have driven him to success since he started in 1993.

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David Diaz said...

Oh my gosh, the footwear! I mean. It was AMAZING!