Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Chanel Paris-Moscow Pre-Fall 2009

Chanel's Paris - Moscow Pre-Fall ready-to-wear collection was designed by Chanels' couture ateliers. With a goal to show off the skills of the French embroiderers, goldsmiths,shoemakers, and milliners the house supports. Sasha Pivovarova is the face of the ad campaign, photographed by the designer himself, Karl Lagerfeld.

The collection being heavily inspired by imperial Russia and Russian folklore, included layers of chiffon, extravagant embellishments, sequins, and pearls. Heels were sculpted like upturned onion domes, and fur military hats were often seen. Badges, leather leggings along with glitter ones were also included in the collection. Models wore Byzantine empresses inspired head pieces which were simply lavishing and perfectly executed.

here's a video sample of the actual Chanel Paris-Moscow pre-fall 2009 collection:


Nicola Henni said...

Vive Chanel!
Vive la France!
Vive la Mode!
Passe sur mon blog!

Inside Mode said...

This collection is seriously what remined me of why Chanel is and will always be on top. It's just to precious and delicate, but you could still were it out just casual. The detials are always one of the best parts.

Anyways, sorry if I've taken so long to reply/comment/post. I've been so swamped with things lately. But I really apperciate your comments and honestly love your blog too. I added you to my list of links.