Saturday, May 16, 2009

STYLE ICON: Emmanuelle Alt

The French Vogue posse alone is known for their impeccable style , but a lot of that credit would not of been given without the ever so stunning Emmanuelle Alt, the fashion director of Vogue Paris. Which happens to be one of the most fashionable women in the industry today. Known for her often androgynous, sharp and very sexy sense of style. She's got a keen eye for fit and proportion, often seen in skinny jeans, scarves, impeccable jackets, cargo pants, jodhpurs, and a collection of coveted footwear. An incredibly cool and collected woman with a fierce sense of what looks good.

*photocredit: tfs

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Inside Mode said...

I 100% aqree with what you said about Emmanuelle being on of the main reason's the whole french vogue team is just too fabulous for words. Her style is so natural and free. Wheras other stylist and editors have such an uptight and typical look. I love that she's also a little Balmain and Marant obbsessed right now, because I am too. ;)