Sunday, March 1, 2009

MFW: Blumarine Fall/Winter 2009

Designer Anna Molinari's mission to keep bubbly girls happy in these bad times was quite clear. The collection was a pop art extravaganza, which is quite clear just by looking at the backdrop which was a collage of Molinari’s Andy Warhol portraits. The show kicked off in animal spots of varying sizes on buttonless coats, creamy knits, and pony-hair jackets. Psychedelic graffiti prints on micro dresses, candy-colored nylon biker jackets, matching minis and skinny jean were all clearly referenced with Pop Art. Also shown were sugar pastel satin mini-suits, flower print leggings, and neon leopard chiffon disco gowns. They were all accessorized with massive rhinestone jewelry. The shoes, which were either sandals and booties, were fabulous, coming in leopard print, black leather and rhinestone crystal encrusted.

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