Monday, March 9, 2009

PFW: Christian Lacroix Fall/Winter 2009

In these hard times, even high end designers take a punch from the economic crisis. Christian Lacroix paraded his collection at a cost-cutting , inner-city parking garage. Christian Lacroix this season in my opinion was quite better then his previous ones, I'm usually not a huge Lacroix fan due to a bit of overload that's presented. But this collection was quite lovely. The collection was much cleaner, controlled and sophisticated. Yet didn't loose the designer's signature extravaganza. The collection featured an overcoat cut in tweed, oversized buttons on trenches, V silhouettes on peacoats, cardigans, and mini party dresses. Lace was seen on dresses and blouses. Flower printed tights were seen on a number of looks. Jewelery was lightly used and didn't have so many things going on at once, there were no rings or earrings. The designer preferred the usage of either a chain necklace of gorgeous floral brooch. The shoes were wedge heeled sandals with velvet trimmings and a pointy toe.

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