Monday, March 9, 2009

PFW: Dries Van Noten Fall/Winter 2009

Designers this fall have created collections that enforce a women's confidence and toughness, collections that are strong and bold. Collections that have been quite dark, moody, or '80s overload. But at Dries Van Noten, it was more about a sheer, relaxed elegance. Welcoming a saturated sportswear collection inspired by the paintings of Francis Bacon. The designer noted, "Bacon’s subjects are disturbing, but so, also, his use of color is disturbing.” The color pallet consisted of colors like orange, mauve, mustard, navy, beige, and shrimp pink. Using muted tones against vivid chartreuse, pumpkin, periwinkle, and saffron.
The collection featured lovely outerwear, like the belted camel coats for example. Which opened and closed the show.
Noten also used a variety of prints, which were cocktail fabrics from past decades which he photographed and fused the black-and-white photos with elaborate silky fabrics.

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