Tuesday, March 10, 2009

PFW: Chanel Fall/Winter 2009

Karl Lagerfeld's fall collection for Chanel was nothing short of expectation. The collection achieved a harmony of both seriousness yet youthful fun.
Showing fantastic versions of skirtsuits and coat-dresses. The collection featured white frills, pleats, and ruffles on lovely black dresses, suits, and coats. First hints of color came when geometric pendants and rings flat discs of jade stone on models. Green pants were worn with a black jacket thereafter. Tweed suits were seen with minty green accents as well. The mint green really gave the collection a feeling of freshness and a joyful winter. After the flourish of greens, came the lovely blush pinks, which were seen on a number of looks. Like the chunky sweater with the poet's bow, the heavy knit tights, the webby sweater dress and pants. After the enlightening fresh breathe of color came more black dresses, some wit white lined seams, black gowns with flowy long skits and light embellishments followed soon after.
The "bags" which were in fact carryalls were simply divine. And so innovative, it was a clean Lucite crafted case with built-in places for everyone a girl needs throughout her busy day, which included a Chanel quilted handbag, Chanel fragrance, Chanel sunglasses, Chanel blush, and even a Chanel iPod. FABULOUS ISN'T IT?

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