Wednesday, March 11, 2009

PFW: Alexander McQueen Fall/Winter 2009

Alexander McQueen's fall 2009 collection was undoubtedly breath taking from the first look throughout the last. The craftsmanship was simply impeccable, the showmanship was brave, the execution...divine.
Black and white houndstooth prints opened the show, with the rest of the colour palette consisting of black, orange, red and white. Animal references played an important role in this collection, starting out with the numerous birds seen throughout the presentation, like in his Spring 2008 collection, with red and black bird prints and feathered festooned gowns. There were also fur jackets, coats and reptile printed gowns.
Hats were seen throughout the show as well, they were a main feature. Made from lampshades, hubcaps, open umbrellas and large curlers which were wrapped in bin liners or clear plastic film.
Some swag-sided coats seemed to be made of trash bags, accessorized with aluminum cans wrapped in plastic as headgear. This was an unbelievably brilliant collection. Make-up was a white, pale face, with invisible brows and lashes,
a blood red smeared lip, which channeled a clown's lip.

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Eli said...

they actually used aluminum can for the rollers it shows it in the video and i love the Marilyn Manson inspired makeup