Monday, March 9, 2009

PFW: Givenchy Fall/Winter 2009

Riccardo Tisci's fall collection for Givenchy was pure poetry in motion. The vampyric orchestra that was playing during the presentation gave it a feeling of almost like a state of limbo, the juxtaposition of the lightness and hard elements of the clothing reflects almost a state of heaven and hell. As if the models were being either forgiven or condemned. His silhouettes relied on sculpted tailoring strong shoulders, and stovepipe sleeves. Some looks featured a chopped off for bold asymmetry. Suits were seen in tweeds in dark fabrics, and solids with exaggerated collars, leather sleeves, and peplums which were structured and cut into layered curves. Fur and feathers were seen accented in various look, even on footwear.
This collection was most definitely about contrast, more into the collection, came ivory short lace dresses with bejeweled blue glitter shoulder pads. White jersey dresses with feathers and sculpted bows were seen at the finale, they were elaborate and almost angelic.

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